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When will robots take over the world? They already have (video)

There is (probably) no reason to fear the robot uprising. As this video from The Atlantic…

Scully Likes Science (an X-Files Remix)

I recently re-watched part of the X-Files and am baffled that there isn’t a reboot underway. It seems like everything is getting a do-over including Star Trek, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.

Wonder what those fish did? Via @davidschneide

Wonder what those fish did? Via @davidschneide

The future of cinema via @BobbyRobertsPDX

The future of cinema via @BobbyRobertsPDX

FCC site has crashed just hours ahead of Net Neutrality comment deadline (keep commenting anyway)

FCC site has crashed just hours ahead of Net Neutrality comment deadline (keep commenting anyway)


Demand Progress ( is reporting that the Federal Communications Commission’s comment site has crashed from the influx of traffic. The deadline to submit comments, which the FCC encouraged, is midnight tonight. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your chance.

Demand Progress and their allies at are storing comments so that they can be passed along to…

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Short video on how you, personally, are connected to the first life on Earth and the big bang

Carl Sagan famously said that ‘we are all star stuff’. While that sounds nice there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what that really means.

A sneak peak at the visual effects of Game of Thrones

As this video is presented without commentary, I won’t add much except that there is a reason that Game of Thrones is as visually stunning as it is and a reason it was nominated for a visual effects Emmy award.

First full trailer for Doctor Who season 8

First full trailer for Doctor Who season 8


I’ve said repeatedly since the announcement was made that I’m thrilled about Peter Capaldi taking over as the Doctor. Matt Smith, who played a 900 year old time lord as a spoiled child, was taxing to watch.

Of course Stephen Moffat is still at the helm and his tenure as show runner has not gone well. In addition to bad casting decisions, Moffat’s era has been dominated by gaping plot holes and…

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Watch 1980s Japanese Doctor Who

This clip was uploaded to YouTube by lepoissonriuge on July 7. The short description reads “Found a clip on old video tape 1970’s?

Quick Film School : A history of film in under 9 minutes

If you are interested in learning about the history of film but have a short attention span or if you’re sitting outside one of your first year film school classes waiting for a test, this short video from Cinefix will give you the quick and dirty history of film, from 65 CE until now in just slightly under 9 minutes.

How to do Monty Python style animations with Terry Gilliam (video)

There was nothing more distinctive about the look of Monty Python’s flying circus than the animations of Terry Gilliam.

Things that you ‘know’ about the human brain that are wrong (science video)

Things that you ‘know’ about the human brain that are wrong (science video)


People who are anti-science frequently say that “science is always changing its mind”, what is more accurate to say is that “science is always expanding what it knows”. This sometimes causes changes in conventional wisdom.

It’s also true that many misconceptions have been created by people who don’t really understand science trying to explain science. Some of those people even write books (many…

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Art House Super Hero Movies: If Ingmar Bergman directed “the Flash”

Art House Super Hero Movies: If Ingmar Bergman directed “the Flash”


American blockbuster super hero movies may be a bit over the top, but there it could be worse. Here is YouTube user Patrick (H) Willems‘ take on Ingmar Bergman doing the Flash. For the sake of comparison, you can check out this 5 minute extended trailer for the CW show ‘the Flash‘, coming this fall.

Just for fun, I’ve also included Wes Anderson’s Spider Man (from
Jeff Loveness).


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Help Girls Rock Camp Toronto raise $15,000 for an after school program

Help Girls Rock Camp Toronto raise $15,000 for an after school program

Girls Rock Camp

In 2013, Girls Rock Camp Toronto held three sold out camp sessions and had a long waiting list of kids that never got in. Not only should this never happen but the kids should be able to come back every year.

Girls Rock Camp has been one of my favorite things to happen in the last few years. In case you aren’t familiar:

Girls Rock Camp Toronto is a volunteer based organization that builds self…

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Watch the original Star Wars parody “Hardware Wars”

I remember, shortly after Star Wars came out everyone would rush to see anything even vaguely Star Wars related.