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Taking away the hardware would be easy, demilitarizing the police would take some work

Taking away the hardware would be easy, demilitarizing the police would take some work


This week has been filled with headlines about the events in Ferguson, Missouri. I’m not going to focus here on that event specifically, there are ongoing investigations and debates among the local population and millions of words will be written before it’s all done.

Instead, I’m going to focus on the deeper problem and how to prevent incidents like it from happening in the future. Sadly, the…

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Can an arachnid reverse climate change?

Can an arachnid reverse climate change?


It has been incredibly difficult to do anything about climate change, in large part because no one wants to give anything up or pay more for anything. However, Americans may soon not have a choice in the matter thanks to a disease carrying tick.

Most of efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses has, for obvious reasons, focused on fossil fuels. Agriculture, specifically livestock, is another major…

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Growing up with Robin Williams

Growing up with Robin Williams


Normally, when someone famous dies I have a tendency to go dark and simply let the wave of Tweets and Facebook posts pass. After all, whether I was a fan of the person or not, I didn’t really know them and feel that I should leave the eulogies to those who did. This time it’s a little different though.

No, I didn’t know Robin Williams personally but at the same time I did.

Robin Williams was…

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What you should know about Ebola (+video)

What you should know about Ebola (+video)


Viruses are scary things. Some of them are deadly but they are very small and invisible to the naked eye. The only defenses against them, even in states where you can openly carry firearms, are good hygiene, vaccines and your body’s natural defenses. That means that there is no way to be 100% sure that you’ve successfully defended yourself.

This natural fear can be used to drum up hysteria and…

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Douglas Adams’ ‘Dirk Gently’ coming to US television

Douglas Adams’ ‘Dirk Gently’ coming to US television

Dirk Gently

I am simultaneously excited and skeptical. Douglas Adams is one of my favorite writers. For anyone who is unaware the late Mr. Adams, novelist and TV writer, wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, as well as episodes of Doctor Who and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I’m always happy when I hear that one of his novels is being brought to the screen in one form or another.

At the same…

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A single video with all 135 Space Shuttle launches

Sure, the stuff NASA is working on now is cooler but from 1981 until 2011 the Space Shuttle was the whole show.

An interview with the stars of BBC’s “Intruders”

An interview with the stars of BBC’s “Intruders”


Intruders is one of the more intriguing new series this year, not least because it stars John Simm (Doctor Who, Life on Mars). It is based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel of the same name and tells the story of a secret society devoted to, essentially, keeping people alive by putting them into other, existing people. Below you’ll find a trailer, and a Nerd Machineinterview with Simm, Mira…

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I have a largish gallery of Failed Children’s Books on Pinterest

I have a largish gallery of Failed Children’s Books on Pinterest

EA introduces ‘Netflix for gaming’ for XBox One

EA introduces ‘Netflix for gaming’ for XBox One


If you have a tablet, you can access your movies and TV shows through Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo etc) or your music through Spotify (Pandora, Rhapsody, Rdio etc.,). Cloud storage and streaming seems to be the future of everything.

Now EA games is taking the first step toward an all access gaming library. According to Sebastian Anthony at Extremetech, XBox users will be able to subscribe to…

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First trailer for the Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies

If you’re like me, you’re going to see this … one way or another. The Lord of the Rings was brilliant, all the way through.

How much sleep do you actually need (science video)

No one I know gets ‘enough sleep’ as far as I know. There are always reasons not to or things keeping us up.

Drone footage of a humpback whale and her calf

Drones get a bad rap. Yes, the kind with bombs are evil but pretty much anything “with bombs” is going to suck.

If this trailer is true, Mad Max will be better than ever

Trailers can lie, anyone with any talent as an editor should be able to cobble together a few minutes of footage from a two hour movie and make it look like it’s gonna be good.

The Walking Dead Full Comic Con panel and Season 5 trailer

The Walking Dead Full Comic Con panel and Season 5 trailer

Walking Dead

Entering Season 5, the Walking Dead is looking for something to be about.

In season 1 it was about the zombie apocalypse.

In season 2 everyone hung out at a farm and talked about whether or not there was a god, also a child died.

In season 3 the gang found a prison to take shelter in. Then they found another group of people who seemed nice but turned out not to be. It was also during this season…

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A ‘Evil Dead’ tv series is in the works, says Sam Raimi

A ‘Evil Dead’ tv series is in the works, says Sam Raimi


One of the quietest stories of the 2014 Comic Con was Sam Raimi’s offhand announcement that he is planning on drafting Bruce Campbell for an Evil Dead tv series. There were absolutely no other details provided but it doesn’t really matter. If Raimi is involved and Bruce Campbell is on board it’s great news for your television.

I’ve said before that Evil Dead (or Army of Darkness more…

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